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Veterans Day – Happy Veterans Day 2019

Veterans Day – Happy Veterans Day 2019! The Veterans Day is a government holiday, which is celebrate every year on November 11 to respect the U.S. Armed Forces. This is a most popular celebration day and on this day many restaurant offering free Meals for the Veterans. We hope, this is very good option to respect the Veterans.

Happy Veterans Day 2019

On the Veterans Day, every people who lives in United States are want to send a wishes messages to their relative Veterans and some people also want to update a Status on social media with #VeteransDay hashtag with a great captions.

If you want to know the Happy Veterans Day History and also collect the Veterans Day 2019 Wishes, Greetings and Quotes for share on Social Media. This is the perfect place for you. Just, staying with us and follow the below content….

Veterans Day - 11th November Happy Veterans Day 2019

When is Happy Veterans Day 2019?

In United States, the Veterans Day is annually celebrated on November 11.

Short Happy Veterans Day History:

Veterans Day originated as “Armistice Day” on Nov. 11, 1919, the first anniversary of the end of World War I. Congress passed a resolution in 1926 for an annual observance, and Nov. 11 became a national holiday beginning in 1938.

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How to Celebrate Happy Veterans Day 2019?

Hire a veteran

Veterans face barriers to employment including lack of preparation for civilian jobs, and unrealistic expectations for the kind of work and salary they can expect when they get home. But many leaving the military may have led troops into battle, often on multiple deployments, and as a result, they make fantastic leaders and employees.

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Go for a run

Do a sponsored run for an organization like Homes for Troops, which assists injured veterans by building homes, and has figured out racing logistics. They specialize in offering support in fundraising so that you can focus on doing the run and raising as much money as you can to support veterans.

Offer freebies for veterans

Whether you run a business or work for one, thanking Veterans for their service by offering free products on Veterans Day is a great way of showing your support. Whether it’s tax return help or simply a cup of coffee, what can your business offer to thank a Veteran today?

Why Veterans Day is Important?

It’s a chance to thank people for risking their lives to defend America

An estimated 20 percent of Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or major depression, according to government statistics, and you’d be surprised at how valuable it can be to veterans to feel valued by civilians for their service and sacrifice.

It’s a chance to reflect on the importance of peace

While our military are often thought of in a war context, most veterans will tell you that they risked their lives to defend our fundamental freedoms, and that they value peace much more highly than war. Very few who have seen the real horror of war are anxious to rush into it, and Veterans Day encourages all of us to reflect on the value of harmony in our daily interactions and lives.

It draws attention to the challenges facing many veterans

Veterans face disproportionate rates of homelessness, deficits in educational achievement, a struggle to find employment and often, have to deal with devastating wounds. In many cases, post-traumatic stress disorder makes it hard for them to integrate into regular society. By understanding these challenges, we can all reach across those divides and make sure veterans have the best possible chance of having a healthy and fulfilling life after their service.

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Happy Veterans Day 2019 Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Greetings, Sayings & Status:

“Let us salute the real heroes who saved our country and our countrymen. Wishing a very Happy Veterans Day to all the courageous veterans.”

“Though it is your duty to protect us from all our enemies and keep us safe but it is our duty to thank you and salute you for the good work you are doing. Happy Veterans Day.”

“Warm wishes on Veterans Day to all the brave hearted and inspiring heroes of our country who make us proud every day. Warm wishes on Veterans Day.”

“The occasion of Veterans Day gives us a chance to thank all those veterans who sacrificed themselves for the country. Wishing a very Happy Veterans Day to all.”

“Today is the day to thank all the military men who protect us day and night, summer and winter, good and bad. Warm wishes on Veterans Day to you.”

“They fought for our nation and they also gave their lives. They lived for the nation and they also died for nation’s honour. Let us salute them all on Veterans Day.”

Unique Veteran Day 2019 Messages & Saying:

1. Today is Veterans Day, the most special day which comes once in 365 days… the day to honor the veterans and their sacrifices…. Let us honor these brave men who have always fought for our safety, security and prosperity. Warm wishes to you on Veteran Day my friend.

2. Let us come together to honor the sailors and soldiers of our country, who always have worked for the welfare and safety of our nation…. And also honor the citizens who are working for the same cause. Sending heartfelt greetings on the occasion of Veteran Day.

3. On the occasion of Veteran Day, let us all remember the unconditional services of our veterans and let us come together to revive our promise to our nation to fulfill the obligations to all our veterans who gave their lives for the country. Warm wishes on this special day.

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4. It is only a soldier and his family who bear the wounds and scars…. It is them who suffer the most for peace and protection of the country and today we must all remember them and their sacrifices and pray for their happiness and health. Greetings on Veteran Day.

5. For the freedom and safety of our nation, we must thank our soldiers for their support and sacrifices… they are ones who sacrifice all the comforts and pleasures for our safety. Pray for their wellness and happiness on the occasion of Veterans Day.

6. Today is the day to honor the men in uniform who are the strongest walls of our nations, who protect us from enemies and who are guarding us day and night so that we can sleep in peace. Sending Veteran Day wishes in remembrance of these brave men.

7. Let us offer prayers and send wishes to those men and women who have selflessly given their lives for the nation…. Who life in the toughest of conditions to serve us in the most difficult times…. Warm wishes on Veterans Day.

8. Today is the most special day…. for the brave men…living and dead… who have given their lives in the service of the nation without asking anything in return… let us remember their sacrifices and honor their services by celebrating Veterans Day.

9. Let us express our gratitude to all the men in uniform who have lived for the country and who have died for the country… Let us create a nation of their dreams as an honor to them… Warm wishes on the special Veterans Day 2019.

10. Always regard soldiers as the highest men…they are someone’s beloved son, husband and father…. Let us pray for their safety, health and happiness as they fight for the honor of the country…. Best wishes on the occasion of Veteran Day.

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