Burrito Day – 2nd April Happy National Burrito Day 2020


Burrito Day – 2nd April Happy National Burrito Day 2020! Who in the world doesn’t love burritos, right? From kids to adults everybody loves burrito. This delicious food first made in Mexico has got a celebratory day of its own. We all know burrito are heavily wrapped tortilla blended in a mixture of meat, rice, sauces, beans, vegetables, cheese and tomato.

Burritos can be filled with diverse sort of meat, shredded pork, ground beef, shredded beef etc. Chimichangas are burritos that have been deeply fired. Burritos are either eaten directly using the hand or with fork by first making the burrito wet with sauce. There is even a made up national burrito day to celebrate the food. The first Tuesday of every April is the day, when it is celebrated. Many restaurants offer various deals on the day.

National Burrito Day History:

Burrito the word itself first were found to be in Mexicanisms dictionary in 1895. In Spanish, the word means little donkey. During the year of 1930, Burrito was first seen in restaurant menus. Later in 1934, Burritos appeared in Print magazine named “Mexican Cookbook”. The ingredients usage to make burrito changed over time. In the initial time, burrito didn’t contain much ingredients. But now they are made with lots of ingredients according to people’s own liking.

When is National Burrito Day 2020?

Every year, first Thursday of April month is officially celebrate as Happy National Burrito Day 2020.

National Burrito Day 2020

How to Celebrate National Burrito Day 2020?

You can celebrate the day according to your own liking. But if you are running out of ideas, you check the ones we have come up with here-

  1. Host indoor burrito party

Well who doesn’t love a good meet and greet together with friends and family! Here we are giving you chance to do just that. All you got to do is set up the party in burrito theme and set burrito bars. If you can prepare burritos of different flavor according to everyone’s choice, then rest assured it’s going to be a lit party!

  1. Explore burrito stores nearby

Give yourself a treat on the day by visiting all the stores your co-workers, friends or family have been buzzing all the year round. Chances are you will explore different taste of the same burrito depending on the restaurant’s recipe type! This way you will surely be able to shut up that show-off friend of yours who can’t help but brag about his stomach adventures!

Why we Celebrate National Burrito Day?

Why does anybody do anything actually! Ok, before you get all antsy, let us hit you with some facts that will make you realize why celebrating burrito day is awesome. First of all, burritos are the great source of argument drama! Everyone in their life once argued about why they think the burrito they ate had the greatest flavor ever! If you are in the mood of some drams, then throw some provocative burrito facts and let the drama unfold on its own!

Moreover, burrito is a universally popular food. It doesn’t require any sort of utensils usage. So, it can be carried any place and be chewed upon any moment at any place without the unnecessary fear of judgement. Come on, ladies and gentleman do we need any more reasons to celebrate the awesomeness that is burrito?!

National Burrito Day 2020 Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Greetings & Caption for Social Media

  • love you from my head to my burri-toes
  • there is no problem a burrito can’t solve
  • hey guac, let’s take a little walk
  • burritos are what happens when your food hugs itself
  • don’t be scared, it’s just a boo-rito
  • burritos as big as your head
  • brrr-itos
  • a burrito is a sleeping bag for ground beef
  • life is better with burritos
  • burritos — business on the outside, party on the inside
  • if eating burritos is a sport, i’m a world-class athlete
  • burritos, not burpees
  • a good burrito is a religious experience
  • the burrito is food’s final form
  • the only bad burrito is the one you didn’t eat
  • juan does not simply…not eat a burrito
  • a burrito a day keeps the sads away
  • the bigger the better with burritos
  • life, liberty, and the pursuit of queso

Conclusion: Any occasion that makes you think it’s just silly, think again! If days like national burrito day weren’t there people wouldn’t take much initiative on their own to connect with each other due to hectic modern life pattern. So, let’s come together and celebrate in any way we can even if it’s a silly burrito eating day!



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