Motorola Edge Plus (2024) Price, Specs, Release Date, News

Motorola Edge Plus (2024) Specs, Release Date, Price, and Features! After years of mediocrity, the Lenovo-owned Motorola brand is currently in revival. The next-generation Motorola Edge is still far off, but we’re excited to see what Lenovo offers next year. With that in mind, Motorola Edge Plus (2024) is almost here.

Motorola Edge Plus (2024)
Motorola Edge Plus (2024)

Motorola Edge Plus (2024) Specs


Motorola’s upcoming model, the Edge Plus (2024), will have always-on displays making the high-end phone of 2024. This feature is popular on many of the best Android phones that are used for business purposes and is now coming to iPhones. Fortunately, Edge Plus (2023) has an interpretation called Edge Lights.

Although it is not an actual always-on display, it is a function that illuminates the curved edges of the display in various colors when a notification comes. It’s convenient but not as helpful as seeing the time, date, alarm, and other main notification icons. Curved displays are not without further problems, leading to my next suggestion.

It may seem counterintuitive to ditch a curved display for a phone with “Edge” in its name, but it’s worth noting that the Edge Plus (2022) features a flat display. I’d also argue that Motorola’s advanced specs allow its name to be associated with future cutting-edge products rather than referencing the display type.

Torola’s Edge Plus falls short of a high-end flagship experience. It’s a decent phone, but despite having Plus in the name, it’s closer to an entry-level flagship like the Google Pixel 8.

Meanwhile, the standard Edge is more similar to the Pixel 7a. Like Samsung and Google, the Edge Pro focuses on improving the camera, building materials, and display resolution. 1080p is fine for an entry-level flagship, but Motorola offers nothing better. That’s what I’d like to see change.


Motorola has never had a reputation for packaging the best cameras, at least in recent history. The good news is that the Edge Plus (2023) has made some inroads here.

The camera package delivered pleasing, natural colors and details in most situations. Still, it showed green solid saturation on bright sunny days, and the zoom function left room for improvement. It’s also somewhat lacking in electronic video stabilization.

If Motorola wants to compete effectively with other high-end flagships, it must refine the camera experience further. This includes both hardware and software aspects.

Software support

Motorola hasn’t been the best performer in software support, even though the Edge Plus (2023) has improved. Finally, it offers three years of Android support and four years of security coverage. This is commendable.

However, Motorola hasn’t always made good on its promises, so the company adheres well to its software policies. Remains to be seen. It’s also worth mentioning that Google has set higher standards with updates and patches for the Google Pixel 8 over the past seven years.

Samsung also beat Lenovo by providing four years of OS updates and five years of security patches. I hope Motorola takes note of this trend and continues to step up its efforts for updates and patches in the future.

Motorola Edge Plus (2024) Release Date

The original Motorola Edge debuted to a somewhat mixed response in 2020 and has received several follow-ups since then. The Edge Plus (2023) finally put the series in the spotlight, giving us one of the great Motorola phones in years.

Motorola hasn’t officially announced its plans for the next-generation Edge Plus, but it would be unwise not to. Unless a significant rebranding plan goes ahead, we would confidently predict that the Motorola Edge Plus (2024) will be inevitable.

The Motorola Edge Plus 2024 release date is more challenging to predict. Mainly because Motorola was entirely inconsistent with the release schedule of previous models. What we can reasonably expect at this point is that the Motorola Edge Plus (2024) will likely be launched in the spring or summer of 2024. Based on historical patterns, the launch could occur between May and September.

Motorola Edge Plus (2024) Price

The launch of the Motorola Edge Plus (2024) will likely be at least nine months away, possibly longer. That’s a long wait. We can expect Edge Plus 2024 to be priced under $750.

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