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Borderlands 3 – What is the Borderlands 3 Official Release Date & Features information available in this content. The Borderlands 3 is an action role-playing first-person shooter video game that is the sequel to 2012’s Borderlands 2, and the fourth main entry in the Borderlands series.

Out to save the galaxy in Borderlands 3 are four all-new Vault Hunters, each more customizable than all their counterparts from previous games combined. Moze is a gunner who can digistruct and pilot a mech. Amara is a siren who can summon and smash enemies with ethereal fists.

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Release Date:

The Official release date of “Borderlands 3” is 13th September, 2019 and the game will be on the Epic Store exclusively until April, 2020.

What’s different this time?

As with other games, “Borderlands 3” introduces four new Vault Hunters.

  • Amara, a siren who can summon six magical fists.
  • Moze, an assault class who can create and pilot her own mech.
  • FL4K, an artificial intelligence who uses pets to help him track and fight enemies.
  • Zane, who uses gadgets to gain a competitive edge.

Each character features a set of skills players can personalize based on how they want to tackle the game, so there’s plenty of flexibility and personalization.

There’s also a new story: Vault Hunters must take on the Calypso Twins, Tyreen and Troy, who are attempting to unite clans of bandits and consolidate power.

Also, instead of just visiting one planet, players get a wider universe to explore. Gearbox promises planets will have their own unique terrains and enemies players must conquer.

What’s the TL, DR on Borderlands 3?

  • Borderlands 3 SHiFT Codes: “Absolutely” has ’em. Hit the link for more details.
  • Co-op: Up to 4 players
  • Offline mode: Yes
  • Length: About 30 hours of campaign “if you beeline it”
  • Microtransactions: Yes (for cosmetic items), and DLC
  • Available on: Epic Store (exclusive until 2020) Borderlands 3 will later be available on Google Stadia as well. Check out our list of all the other Google Stadia games to find out what else is coming.

Preload Borderlands 3 on EGS two days early

Despite a previous statement from Epic CEO Tim Sweeney that Borderlands 3 would not support preloading on the Epic Games Store, this position has been reversed. You can start preloading Borderlands 3 on the EGS 48 hours before release. That places the start time roughly around 7pm ET on September 10.

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