LG V60 ThinQ (5G-enabled) with an ‘improved’ second screen will reportedly be unveiled next month

LG V60 ThinQ (5G-enabled) with an ‘improved’ second screen will reportedly be unveiled next month! If you’re wondering what might be next for the ever-expanding (and somewhat confusing) product portfolio, you’re not alone. After all, the LG V60 name only made headlines once before, alongside LG V50, LG V70, LG V80 and LG V90 trademarks. The first specific rumor about a concrete handset expected to carry that label comes from Korean media today (translated), which believes the 5G-enabled flagship could see daylight as early as next month. More specifically, on September 6 in Berlin at the IFA trade show.

That’s… certainly a possibility, but even though we don’t have a particular reason to doubt the credibility of this one publication and it’s anonymous inside sources, there’s just something that doesn’t ring true. For one thing, the V50 ThinQ 5G went on sale in the US not very long ago, which makes the impending release of a sequel feel highly unlikely. Besides, while the V30 was unveiled at IFA 2017 in late August, the V40 ThinQ waited until October to break cover.

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Of course, whether the LG V60 ThinQ 5G is scheduled to go official early next month or the month after that, what’s far more important is the specs and upgrades in the pipeline. Unfortunately, very little is known at the moment.

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